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I have never been pretty, but I learned at the age of sixteen that a sexy body can attract as many men as a beautiful face.  The boys in my class hadn't given me the time of day when I was growing up, but I soon started noticing that male teachers and grown men were always watching me when they thought I wasn't looking.  It made me very self conscious until it dawned on me that it was my body that drew their attention.

When I left home to start a Digital Media & Culture degree at Edinburgh University, I set about perfecting my body.  I don't mean perfection based on the size-zero models of today.  I have a Kelly Brook body, but with slightly bigger tits and ass.  My face is nothing like hers, but men act a little crazy when I reveal my curves.

I've been going to the gym four days a week religiously for the last eight years and it kept me fit.  It was also a great place to pick up men.  While most women go to the gym to do yoga, Pilates or attend exercise classes, I used free-weights and hang out with the guys.

Fridays are usually quiet at Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, the exclusive gym I joined two years ago when my local closed for refurbishment.  I stayed because I enjoyed the more intimate atmosphere and the chance, occasionally, to become more intimate with a fellow gym user.

Tonight the place was deserted, except for Cameron.  An inch shy of six foot, he was absolutely gorgeous.  He came to the gym on the same four evenings as I did and played squash on the other three.  He was sleekly muscled, his blue eyes looked almost violet, their colour deepened by his dark eyebrows and lashes.

"Where's everyone?" I asked him, as I pulled the pin out of the 40 kg slot of the leg curl machine and slipped it into the 15 kg slot.  I wanted to tone, not bulk up, so I used small weights and did lots of repetitions. 

"England's playing Argentina tonight," he replied, without breaking the rhythm of his pull ups.

He didn't have to say anything further.  Even I, the dumbest person when it came to football, knew of the bitter rivalry between the countries that had been sparked by Maradona's ‘Hand of God' goal in the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

"How come you aren't at home watching it?" I asked in surprise.

"My dad's taping it for me.  I wanted to be here...watching you instead."

Huh?  For months he'd behaved as if he didn't know that I was alive and now he was hitting on me!  Surely I hadn't heard him correctly!

"Pardon?" I queried, my heart beating faster as I waited for him to confirm that my ears were still in working order and that I had not been having one of my usual day dreams about him. 

"The guys are always crowding around you.  I never get a chance to talk to you."

I had assumed that I was not good looking enough for him. My Jamaican mother had married my Greek father without giving any thought to the fact that she may one day bear him a daughter.  He had some money, but he was no Onassis, although he looked more like him than Adonis.  His two sisters should have been a warning of the physical legacy his daughter could inherit, but my mother, beautiful, slim and elegant, probably assumed that any daughter of hers would look like her.  My tall, broad shouldered, good-looking brother Alexander did.  Sadly, I didn't.

"Do you want me to spot you?" I offered.

Cameron was bench-pressing 50 kilos.  Though I only used smaller weights I was easily strong enough to lift it.

"Sure," he agreed and I stood at his head and handed him the weights.

I counted his repetitions and as soon as I took the weights and placed them safely on the rack he ran his hand up my thigh.  I spread my legs, indicating my willingness.  He touched me and found that I had soaked through my exercise shorts in the short time between him telling me that he had come to watch me and him finishing his bench presses.  He slipped a finger under the material and exhaled raggedly as he ran it over my slippery lips.   

"Let's go to the locker room."

We made it there in record time, so fast we probably broke Usain Bolt's world record.  Cameron closed the door and pushed me against it, kissing me hungrily as he slipped his hand under my Lycra top and unsnapped my bra with one deft motion.  His lips left mine to cover my left nipple as he exposed my breasts simultaneously and pushed them upwards.

Raw desire pooled inside me as he grazed my nipple with his teeth before pulling it deep into his mouth and sucking on it.  I bent and muffled my moans against his glistening shoulder.  His clean, fresh perspiration was that of a man in peak physical condition, who ate and slept well.  I lapped it up.  It was like an aphrodisiac, increasing my desire for him.

He ripped off my bottoms and buried his face in my wet heat.  I was so thankful that I had gone for a wax only the day before as he started eating me as though he had missed several square meals.

I stroked his fair hair lovingly as he spread my pussy lips and thrust his stiff tongue deep inside me, all the time rubbing my clit deliciously with his thumb.  It was all lovely, but I couldn't wait.  "Baby if you don't give me some cock in the next minute or so, I swear I'll die!"

Laughing out loud, he straightened and I reached into his sweats eagerly, grabbed his penis and pulled it out into the open.  It was such a beauty that I forgot my hungry pussy for a moment and just stared at it, admiring its slight left curve and blunt head.

"How could you hide such a lovely cock?" I demanded, looking up at him indignantly.  "You should let it hang out of your fly so the whole world could admire it."

It was truly a thing of beauty.  Eight and a quarter inches or thereabouts of uncut masculinity.  Thick enough for me to show it due respect, but not so thick it would leave me walking around wounded for days afterwards.

He sat down on the narrow padded bench and I made to climb onto his lap.

"No, back onto me.  I want to feel your ass against me."

Turning around, I tilted my ass and straddled him, placing him at my entrance and slowly lowering myself onto him.  He took the weight of my breasts in his hands and tweaked my nipples as I sank slowly onto him.

His groans matched my moans as I worked myself fully onto his length-I realized then that I might have slightly underestimated his length and girth. As I relaxed and softened around him, he lifted me by my waist and bounced me up and down firmly.

I knew that Horace, the elderly owner of the exclusive gym was watching us, but I didn't care.  I had stopped paying my monthly membership fee three months after joining the gym when I walked into his office and knew immediately that he must have cameras in the locker rooms and had witnessed me and Wayne, a sexy, professional bodybuilder getting busy the night before.  Horace was married to a woman half his age, but I suspected that he got off watching guys' cocks.  I never let on to the guys that he watched their every move. I also never paid another monthly subscription.  

"I'm going to come, baby."  Cameron tipped me forward onto the bench and tilted my ass up.  I braced myself for disappointment thinking, ‘the bastard's going to come before I do!', but I realized a moment later that he was simply taking control as he quickened his already fast tempo.

I also realized that my ample ass had been previously hindering his full penetration.  He brought both hands up and tweaked my nipples firmly as he withdrew almost to the tip and then quickly buried himself to the hilt inside me.  I exploded in less than a dozen strokes and he followed immediately after.


"I promised to stop at my dad's for the DVD of the match."

"No problem," I assured him, biting my lower lip as he fingered my clit as we drove along a particularly quiet stretch of road.

We were on our way to his house where he promised to punish me for letting some of the other guys fuck me when he had wanted me himself but had been too shy to make his move.  He had eaten my pussy again while we had a quick shower in one of the cubicles at the gym, but just when I was about to come he had stopped and said that the punishment had already started.  I had almost screamed.  When we got to his car, a matt black BMW, he had casually reached under my skirt and fingered me for a minute or two and then started the engine, leaving me on the verge of coming once again.  He had just stopped at an amber signal that he could have easily gone through at a busy intersection and slipped two fingers inside me and finger fucked me while we waited for the lights to change.  Then just as casually as before he'd pulled his fingers free,  put his hand on the gear lever and drove on.

Of course, I could have fingered myself to an orgasm if I wanted to.  But I didn't.  I was enjoying the punishment as much as he was.              

The man who opened the door of the detached house looked so much like Cameron I almost did a double take.  He hadn't mentioned brothers, but surely this man could not be-

"Holly, this is my father Adam," Cameron said, as he ushered me forward to make the introduction.  "Dad, this is my girlfriend Holly."

Girlfriend?  One session of great sex in the gym and I was a girlfriend?  Wow! 

"Nice to meet you, Holly."  The way Adam squeezed my hand and leered openly at me I began to think that the two of them shared women-not that I would have a serious problem being sandwiched between the two of them.  "Come inside."

"We're not stopping, Dad," Cameron said hastily.  "I've only come to collect the DVD.  I'm taking Holly home for dinner."

"I'm sure Sophia will rustle up something for you.  I want to know more about this lovely young woman.  Come in for a drink."

Adam introduced Sophia, a slim Indian woman and not a day over nineteen, to me as his woman.  He fondled her backside as she bent over to place the dishes on the table in front of us and I was surprised that she didn't drop the platter of Dijon Chicken or the salad bowl.

After the meal I began to feel really annoyed with Cameron when he let Adam convince him to stay and watch the game on catch-up TV although he had already made the recording on DVD.  He virtually ignored me as he got engrossed in the match.

Adam, in the meanwhile was watching me, his eyes seeming to strip the material of my T-shirt away and zoom in on my erect nipples which had hardly subsided since Cameron had been rolling them between his finger tips. The man gave off sexual sparks like the sun gave off heat.  I had never had any boyfriend's father hit on me before and slut that I am, I couldn't help wondering if his cock was as big, or bigger than Cameron's.

Finally the match was over and Cameron seemed to remember that he had naughty pussy to punish.  We said our goodbyes quickly, but not before Adam hugged me and surreptitiously squeezed my behind before he moved away and said, "'Bye, Holly.  It was a pleasure meeting you."


After seven weeks of bliss, Cameron who worked for a Danish company had to travel to their headquarters for a senior managers' conference.

I took the day off work and we were in the middle of our final round of hot sex, I was on the brink of coming, at two fifteen, four hours before his flight was due to leave City Airport when his doorbell rang.  We ignored it and fucked on, but whoever it was seemed to know that we were at home and pressed the bell insistently.

"Shit, that's probably my dad."  Suddenly Cameron quickened his pace.  "Sorry, baby, I've got to come."

He immediately pressed my knees further into my chest and gave a few fast, deep thrusts before stiffening and releasing into me.

"I'll get rid of him and come back to sort you out," he promised, grabbing his boxers and rushing out of the room.

I lay back on the bed and waited.  Five minutes later he walked back into the bedroom, looking apologetic.

"He's come to take me to the airport," he whispered.

"Tell him that you'll take a cab," I whispered back furiously. 

"I told him so but he's insisting."

"What about me?" I asked.

"I'll make it up to you when I get back," he promised as he bent over and kissed me.  When I tried to pull him down further he resisted.  "I can't.  Not with Dad in the house."

I let him go have his shower, but I was not pleased.  I sometimes forgot that Cameron was nearly four years younger than my twenty-seven.  Every time Adam was around I got a rude reminder of our age difference as Cameron seemed to suddenly act his age.

I didn't bother to shower-I wanted them both to smell my hot pussy all the way to the airport.  Adam insisted that Cameron sit in the front passenger seat.  I shrugged my shoulders and let him hand me into the back seat.  I sprawled my legs deliberately and almost immediately the car was teeming with the aroma of ‘orgasm-denied pussy'.  Cameron looked back at me apologetically several times, but each time he did Adam made some comment and drew Cameron's attention back to him.

Adam waited until the plane had left the tarmac.  Then he turned to me and said, "Let's go."

Maybe he does care for Cameron after all, I thought a little touched.  I would have left as soon as Cameron was safely through Passport Control as we couldn't see him once he went through to the Waiting Lounge.

Adam's next words shattered any illusion of being a loving father.  "I wanted to make sure that he'd left the country," he said, taking my arm.  "Sophia's home, so I'm taking you back to my pad in Bromley for a good fuck."

I knew that I should refuse.  The man was a bastard...but such a sexy bastard.  And arrogant with it.  But my pussy was so needy.  Cameron had left me high and dry.

As soon as we entered the studio flat he grabbed me.  There was a roughness about his insolent touch that I found off putting.  He was a couple inches shorter than Cameron, but his body was much more beefy.  Cameron had told me that Adam worked out every day in his home gym.  And it was obvious that he used heavyweights-he had huge, rippling muscles that his designer clothes disguised.

He stripped me quickly, tweaked my nipples and turned me facedown on the bed, my ass in the air.

"No!" I objected when I realized what he intended to do.      

"Don't tell me that stupid son of mine doesn't give it to you up the ass?" he asked, sounding shocked.

"No, he doesn't."

"Holly, this is the 21st century-ass is the new pussy.  Any woman who wants to keep her man should know that she has to give him ass because there are plenty of other women who will if she won't!"

"Cameron is quite happy with my pussy, thank you very much!  If you want to fuck someone's ass go to a gay club.  I am sure that you'll find several willing-"

"I'm no sick faggot!" Adam denied angrily, making me dislike him even more.

"Gay men aren't sick, you homophobic fucker!" I yelled at him.  "My brother's gay and I'm very proud of him."

"Cameron's soft like his mother."  Adam switched topics rightly sensing that I was on the verge of putting my clothes back on and telling him to hell with him fucking me!

"He's not soft.  He's just sensitive."  I defended Cameron although I agreed with Adam that Cameron was sometimes a little too nice for his own good.  Except for that first night when he had punished me masterfully when we got to his flat, he was as gentle as a pussy cat.  Perhaps, not a pussy cat-more like a pet lion.   

I don't mind anal occasionally, but I'm choosy about the men whom I let slip their cocks into my backside.  It wasn't only the fact that anal tissue was delicate and needed protection.  For me it was about respect.  If men thought that anal sex was their right, I refused them.  If they thought that it was an alternative to my pussy, I refused them too.  The few that understood it was a privilege and something to be done only when I chose, I allowed access.  I judged each man and decided whether to indulge or withhold.  Adam fell into the first category, so naturally I refused him.

He used his cock like a weapon, pummelling me into the bed.  After a few minutes I was so bored, I could have fallen asleep, especially since the bed moved beneath me like a rocking chair.

"Cameron's a wimp," he said just before he gave me a few harder, robotic jabs and came. "I've fucked all his girlfriends."

Envy in families is not an uncommon thing.  For years I had envied my mother's effortless beauty, her smooth hairless brown skin, her small breasts and her high, tight behind until I discovered my own woman's power.  It was clear that Adam envied Cameron.  And the only reason I could think of was that Adam was jealous of Cameron's endowment.  As a girl I had walked around naked in front of my mother.  Perhaps Cameron had done the same and before he hit puberty his father must have realized that he was already more well endowed or had the potential to be.  So, he had systematically tried to exert his masculinity over his son.

Thankfully Adam didn't want a repeat performance.  We dressed and he drove me back to Cameron's.

"I'll call you when I'm ready for another piece of pussy," he promised and squeezed my breast hard enough to make me wince before I could escape out of his Ferrari.


After Adam left the sixteenth message on the answer machine in five days, I decided to answer the phone when he rang the next time.

"Where the fuck have you been?" he demanded.  "Didn't you get my messages?"

"Adam, I don't think it's a good idea for us to see each other again."

"Surely you aren't going to let that wimp fuck you again?  Tell him it's over!"

"He's not a wimp!" I denied hotly.  "I love him.  When he called last night he asked me to marry him and I've said yes."

"Marry him if you want to.  Once I get to fuck you whenever I want."

"No, Adam.  I won't sleep with you after I marry Cameron."

"Bullshit!  He can't satisfy you or you won't have been spreading your legs for me less than five hours after he had fucked you."

"You interrupted us.  I was horny, and that's why I let you fuck me!"  It was time to let him know the truth.

"Look, don't let's argue.  He's back tomorrow.  Come over to my pad for a last shag before he gets back."

"No.  I have to pick him up from the airport early in the morning.  I'm going to bed soon."

"We can leave from my pad and drive straight there."

"Adam, you don't need to come to the airport!"  The last thing I needed was him posturing and acting like he had fucked me.  Especially since he had!

"OK.  Let's make a deal.  Come to my pad in Bromley and I'll teach you all you need to know about ass fucking and I won't tell Cameron that I've fucked you."

"Fuck off!" I slammed the phone down hard and hoped that it hurt his bloody ears.


I tossed and turned all night, worrying how Cameron would react if Adam told him about us.  Cameron had somehow managed to get under my skin and I hated the thought of losing him.  He was a cool, funny guy and with a little training he would be perfect.  He had demonstrated the ability to punish me, although he'd almost spoiled it by being terribly apologetic the next day.  I just had to let him know that I liked being punished.

I drove to the airport.  And found Adam nonchalantly having coffee and a croissant at one of the cafes.

"Why are you here?" I demanded.  "I told you that I'd pick him up."

"He's my son.  I haven't seen him for a week.  I've missed him."

Bizarre as it sounded I think there was some truth in his words.  Cameron was his only child.  He was a very generous father-only seven months ago he had bought Cameron the BMW for his birthday.  He was perhaps as jealous of the women in Cameron's life as he was jealous of Cameron.

But I couldn't let him stay.  If his son saw the way he was looking at me the game would be up immediately.

"Cameron's a grown man," I said.  "Why do you keep interfering in his life?"

"Perhaps you're right."  Adam drained his coffee mug and stood up.  "Just give him this for me.  I taped the final episodes of 24 for him."

He handed me a padded A5 envelope containing the DVD and walked away, leaving me staring stupidly after him.

That had been easy!

I ordered coffee and a large chocolate chip muffin and sat down to read the latest edition of Vogue.

Half an hour later when Cameron came into view, my heart leapt excitedly.  I had never been more pleased to see anyone in my life.  I had missed him more than I had realized.  I ran to him and gave him a big kiss, not caring that there were hundreds of people around.

"Your father was here, but he left when he realized that I was here to pick you up too."

"I told him that you were picking me up."

"He left a tape for you."  I handed Cameron the envelope and hooked my arm through his.  "He said it was the final episodes of 24."

When we got to the car he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.  "I missed you, honey.  I can't wait to get you home."

"I can't wait either."

As soon as we got off the busy motorway he pushed his hand under my mini skirt.  "I spent the whole week thinking about you and the smell of your hot pussy.  If Dad hadn't driven me to the airport I would have cancelled the trip, taken you back home and spent the week in bed with you."

"Cameron, stop it," I protested weakly, but opened my legs a little wider.

"You're wet already, but let me make you a little wetter."  He moistened two fingers in his mouth and instructed, "Lift up a bit."

"I'm going to crash!" I screamed as he slipped his fingers inside me.

"No you won't." He laughed and drove them deeper.  "You're an excellent driver."

How I made the remainder of the journey to his house safely was a mystery. We left his suitcase in the trunk, just grabbing his carry-on luggage and his briefcase as we rushed into the house.

We were naked in seconds.  He picked me up, but instead of climbing onto the bed he turned me upside down.

"What are you doing?"  I demanded, grabbing onto his thighs, afraid that he would drop me.

He didn't answer my question as he cupped my ass in his hands and flicked his tongue along my clit.  I cautiously released my left arm and guided his already-erect cock to my lips.  I sucked on him gently, not working my usual magic by covering my teeth with my lips and giving him the firm blowjob that he liked because though the rush of blood to my head was making me high and he was eating me as ravenously as he'd done that first night in the gym, I was conscious of the fact that if he got carried away he could drop me on my head.

But after a week without sex, Cameron was eager for pussy.  Within a couple of minutes he stumbled backwards to the bed and pushed me down into position.  I rode him fast and furiously, facing away from him so that he had a view of the ample cheeks of my ass-his favourite part of my body.  As soon as he came I turned around and lowered my body onto his, still joined.  Using my inner muscles I stroked him until he was fully erect again.

He made to get up and assume the dominant position but I pushed him back against the bed.  "Let me take care of you.  You must be exhausted after the flight and a busy week of meetings."

This time we reached orgasm almost together and he fell asleep still connected to me.

"I'll warn some food for you," I told him when he woke up twenty minutes later.

"Thanks, honey."  He pulled me closer and squeezed my behind.  "And afterwards I'll go watch that DVD."


I returned from stacking the dishwasher to find Cameron standing in front of the television, staring at it as if turned to stone.  I moved around him to look at the screen and almost had a heart attack.

The bastard Adam had recorded us having sex at his Bromley flat!

The sexy, ruthless bastard!

I was very familiar with the phrase ‘hell hath no fury as a woman scorned'.  I had been the embodiment of it on a few occasions when previous relationships had been ended abruptly by lovers.  I understood the meaning of it perfectly; I had just never thought that it could be applied to men too.

But Adam's stunt was tame compared to some of the crazy ones I had pulled.   He was a novice-this was probably his debut performance.  I, on the other hand, could win an Oscar for acting the scorned lover.  He had chosen the wrong person to mess with!

"Cameron, baby, I'm sorry.  You left me horny, so I went to bed with Adam."  Never be greedy and take all of the blame-share it whenever possible.  I saw no reason why Cameron shouldn't shoulder some of the responsibility for me sleeping with Adam.  The next time he would know not to leave an unsatisfied woman on the loose.  "I realized that you would be hurt and I didn't do it again although he has kept pestering me."  I was almost paralysed for a second when I realized that I had forgotten to look for the manual for the phone when I couldn't erase Adam's messages.  Suddenly I realized that I could use them to my advantage.  "If you listened to your answer machine now you would hear all the messages he's left for me."

"Why my father?" he whispered, looking bewildered.

"Baby, he's been hitting on me since that very night you introduced us.  He's even boasted that he has slept with every one of your girlfriends."  Again I took the opportunity to let him know that I wasn't the only one of his women to fall for his father's practised charms.  It made me sound less of a slut and more of an innocent victim helpless to resist an experienced rake.  "Honey, he's your dad, but the man envies you.  He tries to make you look small at every opportunity.  I think it's because your cock is almost twice the size of his."


For the first time the hurt-little-boy look left his face and I pressed home my advantage.  "Honey, you have to show him once and for all that you are a grown man.  Let's make a DVD of our own and give it back to him.  Let's show him how much better in bed you are and how much bigger your cock is."

I also wanted to remind Adam of what he won't be getting ever again, but I didn't tell Cameron that.

"He wanted to fuck my ass, but I wouldn't let him.  He said that you weren't man enough to ass fuck.  Fuck my ass now, baby.  Fuck it and show him how it's done."

By now Cameron was as hard as a rock.  He and I had had anal sex twice before.  He loved the shape of my behind and seeing his cock between the fleshy mounds had driven him wild.  I had rationed it to once a month, but the occasion called for something a little special.

I doubted that there would be any lasting damage done to Cameron's relationship with his dad.  In fact, I suspected that Adam would grudgingly admire his son for having the balls to make the recording and then give it to him.  In future he would show Cameron far more respect than he'd done up to now and that would be a good thing.

Within ten minutes we were shooting the amateur movie.  And just in case the angle of the lens disguised the fact that Cameron's cock was deep in my rectum and not my vagina, I screamed, "Yes, baby, fuck my ass.  Give me every fucking inch of your big cock.  Tear my tight asshole wide open, honey!"

That would teach the bastard Adam.

Hell hath no fury as a woman, period!



© Lexy Harper 2010