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Fun Reader Polls

Polls are a good way gauging what things turn people on, or off.  Do you believe in the natural order of things and therefore think that a man's penis should be left as nature intended, or do you think that an uncircumcised penis is unclean or just plain unattractive?  

Most young women are thrilled when the first strands of pubic hair appear, signalling the start of maturity, but within a few years they are quite likely to be shaving it off and considering it a nuisance.  The media constant tell us that hair anywhere on a woman’s body (except her head) is unsightly.  So we shave, pluck and wax ourselves to death.  But are there men and women out there who still like to see women with pubic hair?

The story Naughty Professor in my book Bedtime Erotica for Men originally contained gay sex, but at the last minute I changed the story.  I'm thinking of re-editing the book and wondered if I should use the first version of the story.  So, please tell me: 

Like, Alyson, in my story Double the Trouble, I fantasize about having a threesome, perferably with a pair of handsome twins.  But do threesomes live up to the hype in reality?  Please take a minute to answer the following poll and one of two below it, if applicable. 

For all men and women.

For straight women.

Is cock size really important?  For research purposes I want to see how you guys out there measure up.  It's not a competition and it's completely anonymous, so I would appreciate your honesty.  Don't be shy, go on and tick that box! 

Simmering Desire is my favourite story in School Daze.  I'd love to know which one appealed to you the most, so please take a moment to vote: