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Bedtime Erotica for Freaks


Book Description

Bedtime Erotica for Freaks (like me) is written in the same distinctive style that has won Lexy many loyal fans but these stories are for sexual connoisseurs. Don’t let the word ‘Freaks’ put you off – it is simply a description of people who find eroticism in the 'unusual' like Lexy herself. This book starts off with a bang in Vanessa, a woman who lives out all her sexual fantasies and the no-holds-barred action continues until the very last page! Amanda, enslaves the man of her dreams while in disguise. Geraldine, a prostitute, has seen and done it all, she is going through the motions until Tiffany brings the joy back into her jaded existence. Indra ignores the basic rule of her job as a chatline operator and ventures into forbidden territory with a client. Nectar is too much woman for one man, so she has two. Antonia has a voracious sexual appetite that must be fed constantly and Samantha uses her sexual expertise to wreck as many homes as she can. These stories of women who follow their sexual destinies and damn everyone else will entice and titillate.

The seven stories.......



Her pussy wet its lips in anticipation as her man, Lester, walked through the front door of her one-bedroom flat followed by two strange men.  Lester’s 5’10” frame was superb, but it wasn’t the sight of her current man that had her pussy salivating; it was the thought of having three cocks all to herself.

“Vanessa baby, meet Tim and Derrick,” Lester drawled and walked over to kiss her.

“Hi guys.”  She smiled, very pleased to meet them.

“Hi Vanessa,” Tim replied, coming over to give her a long, deep kiss.

She absentmindedly returned his kiss, her eyes eagerly trained on Derrick’s crotch as he fumbled with his fly.  Seconds later he unceremoniously pulled out his cock.

I hope some of it’s hidden.






(Based on a few comments I have received there are readers who think that I didn’t deliberately misspell the names in the following story.  For the record I did! J)


“I don’t fucking believe it!”  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she stared at the 6’4” guy in the Bhatman costume striding confidently in her direction.  There was only one guy in the world with shoulders that broad, a waist that trim and legs that muscled!  A masked woman in a Bunny costume touched his arm and he turned to speak to her briefly before continuing onwards.  Yes, there was definitely only one guy in the whole fucking world with an ass like that!  Mr Jeremy Alexander.  Alexander, the Great!  He sat in front of her every day at work and didn’t know she was alive.

“Hi Pussycat, is there a hole in that costume where I can stick my dick?”






She knotted the white sheet around Wesley’s hips and gave him the bottle of milk.  “Mama’s going to do some chores.  Finish your milk and have a nap.”

He nodded obediently as she pulled the duvet up to his neck.

Wesley was one of her regulars, he came to see her at least once a week and paid her very good money.  Best of all she didn’t have to fuck him.  Sometimes he would cum even before she started to baby-talk him.  She’d first met him when she used to stand on street corners in short skirts and high heels, freezing her butt off looking for business.  Back then she used to sit in his lap on the backseat of his large BMW and let him suck on her breasts.






Hi, this is Indra!”  She stifled a yawn as she answered the phone on the second ring.  Another two hours of this chatline shit before she could log off.  She wished she’d paid more attention to the teachers in the classroom and less to the boys in the playground—if she had spent more time studying and less time fucking she would have probably managed to pass more than three GCSEs and would now have a decent job.

“Hi, Indra, this is Paul.”

“Hi, Paul, you have a very sexy voice.  Where are you from?”

“I’m from France,” he responded with a strong British-Asian accent.

She was tempted to ask him something in French, since it was one of the three subjects she’d managed to pass at GCSE, but one more complaint and she would be fired.  So she played along, “Tell me about yourself, Paul.  Tell me what you look like so I can picture you as you’re fucking me.”






I love DP.  Did you ask what’s DP?  I hope not!  If you did, you are reading the wrong fucking book!  Okay, as it’s you I’ll break it down for you.  DP is double penetration—something in the pussy and the ass at the same fucking time!  I prefer two cocks but I will use a dildo if only one of my men is available or two dildos if neither is around.  Once there is something in each hole I am fucking happy.

Some of you may have met my younger sister, Honey Comb, in Bedtime Erotica.  I taught that bitch everything she knows.  She is tame compared to me; I don’t fucking give a damn!  Both of us inherited our mother’s sexy body but mine is better than hers.  I have to squeeze my breasts into a 36DD bra, she can barely fill a 36D.  My waist is smaller and my ass is firmer than hers.  She has a little wimp called Terry; I have two lame fuckers I call Tom and Jerry.  I don’t even call them by their real fucking names because, like I said, I don’t give a damn!






She noticed the buff-looking young Black man as soon as he stepped on to the Tube at Leytonstone Station.  Their eyes met and she winked suggestively.  He did a slow, thorough survey of her body, his eyes widening in appreciation as he took in her short skirt and long legs.  She deliberately moved across the carriage to stand just behind him, and then closer as the Tube became more crowded at Stratford.  She pressed her breasts into his back as the Central Line Tube train sped through the tunnel between Mile End and Bethnal Green Stations, opening her legs as she felt his hand reach backwards and up under her skirt.  She cupped his crotch as he pulled her tiny thong aside and fingered her clit.  Pushing two fingers inside her, he thrust them as deep as he could without attracting the attention of their fellow commuters.  She stroked his cock through his trousers.  It felt huge and rock hard.  Yummy!






That looks too big,” Valerie said uncertainly as she watched Samantha strap on a dark-chocolate coloured dildo that matched her skin tone perfectly.

“Come on, honey, it’s only quarter of an inch longer and a little fatter than the one I fucked you with the last time.”  Samantha smiled at her encouragingly.  “You know you like a bit of sweet pain.”

She wished Valerie won’t bitch about the size of the dildo every fucking time.  So far Valerie had taken every inch she had given her and taken them hard.

“We both know once I tongue your clit nicely you can take anything I give you,” she reminded Valerie as she spread her legs and rubbed her face against her pussy.  “God, you smell good!”





In Bedtime Erotica, Lexy Harper exposed her softer side and demonstrated her ability to write wonderful romantic erotic stories.  Bedtime Erotica for Freaks (like me) does not continue where Bedtime Erotica ends, it verves off in a completely different direction.  Lexy turns up the heat considerably, revealing her darker, freakier, unromantic side.  Seven women who follow their sexual destinies, taking pleasure where they find it - damn the consequences and everyone else!  Vanessa lives out all her sexual fantasies.  Amanda disguises herself and sleeps with the man she wants.  Geraldine hates being a prostitute but she is very good at it.  Indra’s job as a chatline operator gives her a chance to experience her fisting fantasy.  Nectar takes the term ‘breast-feeding is best’ very literally.  Antonia lives a completely hedonistic life.  Samantha is bent on wrecking homes with special friend the Home Wrecker.  Vanessa, Amanda, Geraldine, Indra, Nectar, Antonia, Samantha - VAGINAS.  This book is all about pussy!

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