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A Piece of My Mind.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

I never understand why two or more women share one man. If anything men should share a woman, especially a woman who has reached her sexual peak. I am less than two years away from mine and I am already seriously thinking of looking for a younger man for some threesome sex.

My boyfriend is getting on a bit since he hit his mid-thirties—not able to cum three, four times a night like he used to. He is also now too controlled for my liking. He mostly orgasms when he wants to, and not when I want him to. Years ago I had several tricks up my sleeve and could surprise him into cumming at my will; now he knows them all – even the thing I do with my vagina when I am on top.

I don't want to let him go—I love him too much. And a younger man wouldn't have his particular expertise. I just need a boy toy, someone young enough for me to play my tricks on.

My boyfriend is the jealous sort and will not like another man in bed with us. But it is not as if I am asking him to sleep with the other man. I simply want my boyfriend’s expertise and a younger man’s enthusiasm; his supreme control and a younger man’s lack of control; his one or two orgasms and a younger man’s five or six.

Or they could just make a man sandwich with me in the middle as the filling.

27 jul 09 @ 5:02 pm          Comments

I never give a review of a book until I have read it from cover to cover. So, I am always surprised that people feel justified in giving reviews of my books when they have not taken the time to read them. If I cannot get past the first chapter of a book, and this rarely happens to me, I would not feel qualified to write a review of it. Some books start well and end badly, and vice versa. So, without reading to the last page a reader really cannot give an accurate review of any book.

I have had a mixture of reviews and I have appreciated most of them, good and bad. But some reviews still baffle me. One reviewer did not like my use of Italics and put almost the same insipid review on two of my books. She would have had to be a prize idiot to have bought two books by an author she had never read before. Another read a free story on my website and thought she was qualified to review my whole book. Then did not have the courtesy to put the review on the right book! She thought that I used a character’s Black Guyanese ethnicity offensively. Well, excuse me! I am Black Guyanese, so I should know how bad-assed we are. For the record, I was being ironic and if she was not so uptight or had a sense of humour she would have recognized this.

I wrote these books to appeal to a certain kind of reader, myself included, and I do not expect everyone to like them. I made no pretence that they were literary works and deliberately used covers and names that would indicate the content. Still people are shocked at how explicit and raw they are. I never understand this! There are three complete short stories on my website, one from each of the books, that potential buyers can read for free. They can also use Google Book Search or the Search Inside facility on Amazon to sample my work.

I published my first book in December, 2005 and I have sold thousands more copies than I thought I would. I do not live off my royalties; I have a day job. So, please take some time to get a flavour of my writing from any of the abovementioned sources so that you know exactly what you are getting before buying. I would much rather lose a potential sale than gain a dissatisfied customer.
27 jul 09 @ 4:58 pm          Comments

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