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A Piece of My Mind.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have completely gone off porn. What is it suddenly about doing everything hard, especially hard blowjobs? Watching someone vomit on someone’s penis or a dildo is just not pretty.  And ramming your penis into someone's vagina or rectum is not good for either man or woman. People in the porn industry sustain serious injuries—many of them are incontinent. The ramming comes at a high price, but they don’t let the public know that.

Okay, I write about shit, but people, that is fantasy not reality. Do you think that I would let my man ram his penis into me?  Hell no!  He has to respect my pussy because it’s the only one I have.  If I let him twist it out of shape he would step to another woman when it doesn’t fit him like a glove.  So, if he wanted to ram into something hard, I would tell him to make a tight fist and ram the shit of that!

23 jun 09 @ 1:56 pm          Comments

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