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A Piece of My Mind.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He laid his hot wet body across the bed, gently but slowly he kissed the inside of her thighs, with gentle movements of his tongue teased her legs to open, exposing the honey pot just waiting to be explored.

She moaned softly as his lips moved higher causing her body to vibrate under the thought that more pleasure was on its way.  Suddenly without notice his tongue lapped at the opening of the gates where the honey lay. The sensation rippled through her body as he intensively sucked hard on her lips working his way with his tongue.

Her legs opened wider opening the gate giving him full access to the hidden honey. With this invitation he stepped back and watched as the gates buzzed and the doors gaped open showing the wetness and redness of the treasure hidden.

Sensing that she was now getting hot he lowed his head again this time placing his mouth deeply inside her honey pot lapping up all the honey his hot long tongue could reach.

Ripples and waves of hot pleasure washed over her body making her nipples grow ten times they normal size aching to be sucked.

Not able to with stand the pleasure going through her body she takes one nipple into her mouth and sucks on it like mad as the hot tongue dips in and out of the honey pot.

Sensing that she is nearing her sixth or seventh orgasm he removed his face to watch her suck deeply on her tit. Watch her lips round her hard nipple sent a electric charge to the tip of his cock as he imagined her mouth over his hot cock.

He could hardly believe his sight here she was Madam Stush lying on his bed naked sucking on her nipple and now has her fingers deep inside the pussy he has just been sucking.  All this turned him on, turning his 8" into now 9 1/2 " hot black cock.

What better way to teach a Stush bitch than to make her go on all fours and beg. 

Leaning forward he inserted 2 fingers straight into her hot pussy making her gasp for air at the sudden penetration, watching her body heave he offers her something else to suck on....

Copyright © 2007 Valerie Harris

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