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A Piece of My Mind.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Real life is so depressing: droughts, earthquakes, famines, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and wars – enough to drive people to drink or suicide!  I have consciously chosen to inject some humour into the books of my explicit Bedtime Erotica Series.

I  wrote Bedtime Erotica for women who like their sex well-done, but many of my male fans tell me that this book is their favourite.  I suspect these male fans are secret romantics, ones who believe in love and fidelity.  This is by far the bestselling of the three books.

Bedtime Erotica For Freaks (like me) was written for men and women who like their sex rare or kinky.  Men seemed to particularly like this book – my guess is that they are drawn to the ‘girl-on-girl’ action.  This is a book for grown people, people who are comfortable with their sexuality and open to reading about, if not experiencing, new delights.

Bedtime Erotica for Men was written for men who like their sex medium-rare, but it turns me the hell on!  I should have probably named this book Bedtime Erotica for Straight Men as I deleted the explicit gay sex scenes at the very last minute thinking that men are not as comfortable with homosexuality as women are with lesbianism, but maybe I was wrong.  Times are rapidly changing and the lines of human sexuality are becoming so blurred that soon they could be indistinct.  Although I love this book, I am still amazed at just how many women like it too.

Madame Whiplash, a great fan of mine hit the nail on the head when she said that my books "take her to where she wants to be - a world of sexual fantasy!"  Are you brave enough to venture into this special place where the official language is pleasure and sex the currency of choice?  I dare you!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I was never conscious that a language barrier existed between America and England until I started writing.  For all intents and purposes I should publish both American and British versions of my books as there is a marked difference in sensibilities on either side of the water.  My books were written for the British market, but due to circumstances beyond my control they had to be published in the US instead.  This turned out to be an unexpected blessing as it enabled me to reach a surprisingly large and mostly receptive US market that I would not have had a chance to make contact with otherwise.

I have read thousands of books by American authors, encountering the word ‘motherf****r’ in hundreds of them and never feeling particularly offended.  Until, a woman furiously uttered the word in my hearing on my first trip to the US.  The word spoken aloud shocked me to the core – it seemed offensive and explicit in a way it had never seemed in print.  Yet, my friend who lives in New York didn’t even blink!

The word ‘bitch’ evokes a strong reaction in the US, while it hardly rates a reaction over here in the UK.  We don’t use the word in quite the same way as it is used in America, we are more likely to call a woman a ‘cow’ to show disrespect or contempt.  My friends and I are all professional women and we use the word quite liberally among ourselves, usually in a mixture of admiration and envy when one of our members has achieved something of significance in her life.  For example, if one of us loses weight, gets promoted or is dating a new hot man we call her ‘a lucky bitch’ and raise a glass to toast her accomplishment, and I can assure you that no offence is taken whatsoever.

It is with pretty much this sensibility I use the word in my writing.  If it offends you, my sincere apologies - my intent obviously gets lost in translation!



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Friday, March 14, 2008

Then have an affair or one-night stand with your partner!  No, I am not crazy!  Arrange to meet in a bar, restaurant or club.  Walk up to him/her and offer to buy a drink, ask if the next seat is taken or ask for a dance.  Behave as though you have never met before, but don't let it stop you from behaving as though you can't wait for the night to be over to jump into bed together for some great sex.
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